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City of Johns Creek Business Survey

3. Commercial or home-based business?

4. Business type:

6. Do you renew your annual business license application with the City of Johns Creek in person or online?

7. Do you understand the OTF (Occupational Tax & Fees) structure and fee amounts for your business?

8. Is the OTF (Occupational Tax & Fees) detrimental to doing business in Johns Creek compared to other communities?

10. Are there any city ordinances or codes that are detrimental to your business? If yes, please describe:

11. Does your business have a budget?

12. Does your business have a business plan?

13. Does your business have the ability to cover operating expenses for at least 6 months without any additional revenue?

14. Was your business impacted by COVID-19?

15. If you own a commercial business, did you participate in the JC CARES Business Grant Program?

16. Would you like to speak directly with a member of either the Business License office or Office of Economic Development? If so, please leave a comment and your contact information.


Business Address

Do you use Johns Creek as the city in your address?