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Mobile Food Unit Inspection Permit

Johns Creek Fire Department - Fire Marshal's Office

An inspection and operational permit is required by the City of Johns Creek, The Fire Marshal's Office, as a condition of the operation of a mobile food unit in Johns Creek, shall be checked for compliance of the items listed at the bottom of this form.

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Please contact the Fire Marshal's Office to schedule your REQUIRED inspection prior to operating in Johns Creek. See the information below for a list of requirements.

Prior to inspection of the mobile food unit, an application must be submitted for approval. An inspection shall be required before the mobile food unit permitted to operate in Johns Creek. The following is a list of requirements:

  • Has fire suppression system had its annual inspection and six-month cleaning
  • Does fire suppression system have current Blue Tag?
  • Has the hood been cleaned (every six month) and does it have an inspection sticker?
  • Is there a Class K fire extinguisher and does it have current ag (1 year)?
  • Is there a 2A-20BC Fire Extinguisher and does it have current tag (1 year)?
  • Are extinguishers mounted and accessible?
  • Are all tanks properly secure and have been serviced (requalified) with current stamps?
  • Are compresses gas fuel lines in good condition and stamped for use?
  • Have proof of insurance?
  • Are circuits protected by GFI outlets or breaker?

After passing fire inspection, you must apply for an operational permit at City Hall. Revenue will have a copy of your inspection unless you're operating under a special event permit.

Please call 678-512-3363 at least 48 hours in advance to request a mobile food unit inspection.

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