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Outdoor Burning Form

Georgia's Outdoor Burn Ban is in effect from May 1 through Sept. 30 each year. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division imposes the ban to comply with Federal Clean Air Regulations. View Burning Guidelines.


This service is for only for Johns Creek residents.


What safety measures are in place?

Please select the nearest fire station to your home

Please answer the following before submitting your form:

1. Is your outdoor burn request for today? (Requests are only reviewed for the day that you submit your request. Any additional request days to burn will be to be re-submitted for each day.)

2. Has it rained in the past 24 hours? (If so, then no permit will be issued)

3. Is it currently foggy, raining, or low lying clouds? (If so, then no permit will be issued)

4. Has there been an air quality alert/warning declared for today?

5. Wind gust exceeding 15-mph?

6. Are you are only burning Naturally falling leaves and branches? (No trash, garbage, grass clippings, or construction/treated materials.)

7. You acknowledge that the fire will be completely extinguished by dusk.

8. You have notified your immediate neighbors that you will be requesting a burn permit for this date only?

9. An adult will be constantly attending this burn and have appropriate resources immediately available to control/extinguish the fire?

10. Your burn pile will be no larger than a 4 feet by 4 feet area (16-sqft)?

12. You acknowledge that the Fire Marshal’s Office, or their designee, has the ability to require you to immediately extinguish an outdoor burn if they deem it a hazard to the public? (Even if the outdoor burn was previously approved)

Important - Please note!

You must wait until your request has been confirmed and approved by the Fire Marshal's Office (please verify your contact information, above).

Please call the Fire Marshal's Office at 678-512-3363 if you do not receive a response to your request.

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