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Johns Creek Park Special Event - Preliminary Permit Request

Request for Additional Information

Full Name

Address of Group/Organization

Event Details

Who will attend your event?

Proposed Event Start Time (including set up time)

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Proposed Event End Time (Including Removal Time)

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Is the hosting group/organization:

Event producer/coordinator

Producer Address


Do you plan to serve alcohol

*A Certificate of Insurance naming the City as an additional insured shall be required. Limits will be established based on the scope of the event.


Please provide a Google Map identifying locations of all event equipment: tents, stages, generators, special equipment, sanitation, and ADA accomodations. The Fire Marshal must inspect tents, stages, generators, etc. upon installation and prior to the event commencement.

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Upload File(s) of Map(s)

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Security & Safety

Parking & Traffic Control Plan

On a map, please show your parking plan (including shuttles and off-site parking locations) and how you will ensure fluid traffic flow to and from your event.

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Please provide as much detail about your proposed event as possible.  Use maps to show your vision for the logistical layout of your event.  Be sure to include any likely components that you are thinking about having at your event (even if you may not have it).

Upload Additional File(s) if necessary

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